New Books Offer Retirees The Way To Plan For Retirement

“The Complete Cardinal Guide to Planning for and Living in Retirement,” an Amazon bestseller, and the accompanying workbook, written by Hans E. Scheil, CFP, can answer your questions about retirement, such as:

* When do I start my Social Security check?

* How do I supplement Medi-care?

* Should I purchase Long-Term Care Insurance?

*What should I do with my IRA or 401(k)?

* Am I investing and creating enough income in retirement?

* What about income taxes after age 65?

* How do I handle life insurance and transferring assets to children and grandchildren?

* How do I choose financial and legal professionals to help me?

Long-term care planning is one subject both books explain in depth. The average annual cost for nursing home care is $85,755 and in-home care is $49,192, according to Genworth. This cost can go on for years and many retirees, as well as their adult children, do not have a plan to pay for this. There are options available for covering long-term care, which are outlined in the books.

“The consequences of failing to plan for long-term care are suffered by the family,” Scheil says in his book. “I deal with family members all the time who are doing last- minute planning for a client who has just checked into a facility or is receiving care at home. I experience the confusion, fear, anxiety, pain, and disappointment that comes with these situations. The adult children have a tough time with it. Our job at Cardinal is to help people avoid or minimize these challenges.”

Throughout his 41 years in the financial services industry, Scheil has worked with clients age 65- plus to provide them with the financial solutions they need to have a successful retirement. He also shares his experience caring for his mother, father and grandmother in their later years.

In his books, Scheil addresses the major problems retirees can face and provides simple strategies that can be put in place with the help of a qualified professional.

Scheil is a Certified Financial Planner professional who accepts speaking engagements to help educate the public on the basics of planning for retirement. Hans serves clients in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Big & Tall Men’s Fashion Arrives at Your Doorstep – Literally

Now dozens of companies are clamoring to have a piece of the fashion subscription box pie – and nearly all of them are achieving some level of success – whether it’s small start-ups like Nadine West that cater to women only or Silicon Valley giant Stichfix, which just had a major IPO.

Yet virtually no one has addressed the most obvious need in the industry: a clothing service tailored for just big and tall men.

Nearly every single study ever published, including those from the Center for Disease Control, agree that American men are getting larger every year. To illustrate this point, consider this: the average American man has a waistline of 40 inches, yet it’s unusually hard to find a variety in fashionable men’s clothing with more than a 38-inch waistline.

Founder Wes Riddick says his own personal struggles with finding fashionable clothing for big and tall men were validated with research and Twitter surveys that summarized that half of all men and women in the plus-size category report difficulty with the shopping process, in terms of sizing and fit.

They would also prefer their clothes to be reasonably priced, and online shopping rates are typically too high in this category, according to the research and survey.

“I’m a big and tall man myself, but don’t want to be relegated to ill-fitting or unfashionable clothes,” Riddick says.

“Far too much of the big and tall clothing available was too boxy or had a lumberjack look that just doesn’t appeal to me. I figured I couldn’t be alone in this, so I created Maximus Box and offer fashion-forward clothing at low prices,” says Riddick.

Gifts to Give on Administrative Professionals Day

“Salaries, titles, bonuses and office locations already build hierarchies,” she says. “Gifts are the perfect opportunity to say thank you to everyone.”

The best way to make your team members feel appreciated is to take the time to really think about the message you want your gift to convey. Jennings has three tips to help harness Administrative Professionals Day effectively:

1. Give items that stress the “professional” in Administrative Professional.

The workplace has thankfully evolved from the gender stereotyped world in which the original National Secretary’s Day was launched in 1952. It’s important to recognize all levels of professionalism in the office with appropriate gifts that express professional integrity. Leather journals, fine pens, and professional organization memberships are appropriate examples.

2. Think about giving gifts that add luxury, convenience or fun to a workday.

Your administrative professional may know almost everything about you; this is your opportunity to pay them the same compliment, while keeping it completely professional. Items such as desk accessories, water bottles, travel mugs, and other tools that add luxury, convenience or fun to anyone’s work day are a good place to start. But stay away from flowers: nothing ranked lower than flowers in terms of employees’ most requested employer gifts in the 2018 Business Gifting Satisfaction Report. You may want to consider gifts such as the The Sweet Life to beauty up their desk, Thanks-Olate Gift Set to say thanks, or Black Tie as a token of your appreciation, all available at

3. Remember that food and wine are always appreciated.

Gifts of food (and wine, if you know they are fond of the grape) are universally acceptable in the business-gifting world and are something that employees tend to use and love.

“Make it memorable, by adding something useful like a tea towel, cheese knife, serving bowl, corkscrew or cheeseboard to your food gifts,” Jennings advises.’s Carnivore’s Delight, Caffe Autentico and The Cheese Course are examples of decadent gifts that they’ll remember long after the food has been consumed.

Gift cards are appreciated by employees of all ages and genders, although particularly so for women over 40. The only downside is that research shows they may be quickly forgotten – less than 40 percent of employees say that gift cards are “very memorable.”

Lastly, data shows that a personally-addressed message is actually the most important element of your gift.

“It’s really about the story. A personally-addressed gift message can increase the memorability of a gift and turn it into a special moment,” Jennings says. “There is also nothing easier to do – and quicker – than dropping in a meaningful note.”

Over-the-Counter Drugs May Not Be the Solution Pain Sufferers Think

A whopping 78 percent of those surveyed in a joint effort by Gallup and Palmer College of Chiropractic said they’d “prefer to try other ways to address their physical pain before they take pain medication.”

What many may not to realize is that even over-the-counter (OTC) and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) frequently used to treat mild and moderate pain come with risks. The likes of aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen can trigger adverse effects such as ulcers, bleeding, gastrointestinal problems, and – in rare cases – increased risk of stroke or even kidney damage.

“If over-the-counter medications are used, it should be remembered that just because it’s OTC doesn’t mean it’s completely safe for everyone,” says Velma Wilks, RPh, a practicing registered pharmacist in Lubbock, Texas, who believes people should consider non-pharmacological approaches first.

She’s not alone. In fact, one alternative to both opioids and OTC drugs – drug-free chiropractic care – has grown so popular among those seeking relief from back and neck pain that it’s become something of a movement under the rallying cry of “chiropractic first.”

Highly educated and trained in the structure and function of the human body, doctors of chiropractic use hands-on techniques to help enhance flexibility, muscle strength and range of motion. Most insurance and health plans cover its use.

“One hundred million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and they deserve to know the risks about the OTC medications they’re taking,” says the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress’ Sherry McAllister, DC.

The Hidden Side of Hemophilia: So Much More Than A Bleeding Disorder

Because of the complex nature of hemophilia and bleeding disorders, patients stand to benefit from choosing service providers that understand their unique challenges, such as National Cornerstone Healthcare Services (NCHS), a wholesaler and specialty pharmacy that specializes in hemophilia and bleeding disorders.

Specialty pharmacies go beyond the services provided by a traditional pharmacy, functioning as a valued member of a patient’s care team by providing a comprehensive suite of services and expertise while allowing patients to experience the comfort, convenience, and independence that home infusion offers. In addition to providing discreet delivery of medications for the treatment of hemophilia, specialty pharmacies may provide reimbursement expertise, extensive patient resources, education, and support to help patients manage all their symptoms more effectively.

Since there’s a lot to know when it comes to hemophilia and bleeding disorders, it’s important to choose wisely when it comes to service providers. Working with a qualified specialty pharmacy can help provide services designed to treat the whole patient, including resources to help with anxiety, pain management, and mental health.

For more information about managing hemophilia and bleeding disorders, and to find out how NCHS can function as an extension of a hemophilia patient’s health care team

Music Innovation Company Scores Spot in Global Competition

The InnoSTARS Competition provides an opportunity for innovative United States companies to connect with potential investors and partners from China.

The semi-finalists will have the opportunity to make regional contacts in Chinese technology hubs and obtain valuable global perspective and feedback on their products.

DigiTrax Entertainment CEO Joseph Vangieri and CTO Marcus Matusiak made the winning presentation at the InnoSTARS competition, which earned DigiTrax the unique business opportunity to travel to China later in 2018.

The DigiTrax team will present the company to potential investors in the areas of artificial intelligence and music creation and production.

The InnoSTARS participants will visit 19 Chinese cities with established business climates conducive to innovation and technology.

“That the Association of Chinese Professionals of Atlanta and the US China Innovation Alliance have honored DigiTrax with this win represents an important step forward for us,” Mr. Vangieri says.

The opportunity to visit China allows the company to expand its pool of potential investors and explain how “its unique approach to artificial intelligence in the music field is both effective and potentially highly lucrative,” Mr. Vangieri says.

Accredited investors seeking more information about the company can visit Digitrax’s SeedInvest portal at

What sets DigiTrax apart is its unique use of artificial intelligence to simultaneously address the major challenges facing the music production industry: time, money, and personnel.

Music Builder, the DigiTrax flagship musical technology platform, allows users to create, produce, and distribute music efficiently and cost-effectively, without the need for an extensive team of production specialists.

In addition, DigiTrax uses AI technology to help musicians easily compare songs and parts of songs to determine whether their original work has been plagiarized.

The Knoxville, Tennessee-based company owns seven patents in music artificial intelligence and machine learning, and boasts an extensive catalog of musical content.

Artificial Intelligence Platform Music to Producers’ Ears

DigiTrax Entertainment is one company on the forefront of the AI in music movement, using AI and machine learning to analyze and create new music.

The DigiTrax flagship program, Music Builder, has proven so popular that company leaders will participate in the highly exclusive National Association of Music Merchandiser trade show in Nashville, TN this summer after winning the semifinal round of the 2018 InnoSTARS Competition in Atlanta.

“We are thrilled that the discerning panel of judges at InnoSTARS agreed that our artificial intelligence music technology represents a paradigm shift in the way we create and enjoy music,” says Joseph Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax.

“We understand the underlying technology that drives the music industry,” Vangieri says.

“We have an expert AI system for music creation, and we recognized the incredible potential for the 15-billion-dollar music production industry,” he explains. DigiTrax boasts a music catalog of more than 15,000 songs, and delivers music to major distribution platforms including YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes, as well as third-party software partners such as Yamaha Music Soft.

The ultimate goal for DigiTrax is to change the music industry in the way that CGI (computer-generated imagery) changed the movie industry, says Vangieri.

Challenges facing the music production industry are time, money, and the need for an extensive production team that could include composers, arrangers, and musicians.

The Music Builder program addresses all three of these challenges, and allows users to create more musical content in less time without the need for specialized staff.

The music professionals at DigiTrax are experts in producing, licensing, marketing and distributing music. In addition, their AI technology allows them to offer a service for musicians to quickly and easily compare songs if they suspect their original work has been copied by someone else.

“We believe our AI Platform, The Music Builder, will impact almost every area of music, and our seven granted patents will help protect our intellectual property,” Vangieri emphasizes.

3 Tips (Including Virtual Reality) For Avoiding Home Improvement Blunders

Look no further than the Florida couple who last year decided to have their house painted to look like artist Vincent Van Gogh’s famous canvas “The Starry Night.” It wasn’t just that it was such an odd choice for an exterior that it attracted tourists – sort of the local answer to New York’s Madame Tussauds – it was that the city of Mount Dora took them to court over it.

“Graffiti,” the city called it.

“First Amendment!” countered homeowner Lubek Jastrzebski, an immigrant from Communist-era Poland, who argued that the city code didn’t address house colors and aesthetics.

Yes, that’s an extreme example of unintended consequences. But even though legally the homeowners wound up off the hook, anyone now contemplating shelling out significant bucks on home improvements should read on for some tips on avoiding costly missteps.

* Don’t paint your house brown either. Since most people have it in the back of their minds that they’ll eventually want to attract buyers other than those obsessed with Dutch post-impressionist painters partial to yellow and blue swirls, know that just concluded that medium brown and taupe were the worst exterior color choices in terms of resale value.

Both depressed the sales price by $1,970 compared to homes painted white, an analysis by the real estate website of more than 32,000 photos from sold residential properties around the country found. “Greige,” on the other hand – a combination of gray and beige – was the big winner, fetching $3,496 more than its drab brown counterparts.

* Tech is your friend. It was two years ago that a noted design guru had this to say to the New York Times about online virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D rendering tools: “It’s definitely the wave of the future, because it allows the general population to make design decisions without feeling hesitant or insecure,” said Khoi Vo, a professor and the chair of the department of interior design at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Well, the future is undoubtedly here, with programs like Room Sketcher even allowing you to play architect by creating your own floor plan, furnishing the space, and then visualizing your work in 3D.

But say what you’re interested in is boosting your home’s all-important curb appeal with a roof upgrade. The Virtual Home Remodeler from GAF (, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, lets you experiment with different looks by first either downloading a photo of your own home or choosing from among the many styles – everything from Victorian to ranch to French country – pictured on the website.

“It’s an easy way to see what would look best with your home,” said Paul Dellanno, assistant marketing manager at GAF. “Because what may work for a ranch-style house may not work for a Tudor.”

Once you’ve picked a house style, the process continues. Do you prefer the Antique Slate color shingles from the company’s Camelot Shingle line you clicked on, for example, or the Golden Prairie color ones from the Glenwood Shingle line?

And the house trim and exterior walls? White or something more daring?

As Dellano explained, “you can even check how the result looks at different times of day and seasons.”

* Be wary of fads. “It looked like Darth Vader had moved in,” is how a writer for described the latest trend of painting houses black in her Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood.

Word to the wise: The classics are classic for a reason.

Wie viel kostet es, jetzt zu heiraten? Die ländlichen Burschen können es nicht wagen, zu viel zu betonen

Originaltitel: Wie viel kostet es, jetzt zu heiraten? Die Leute aus dem ländlichen Raum riefen, der Druck sei zu groß, die 88.000 Meetings, die 160.000 Lotterie, die “voller Schönheit”, das Haus in der Stadt … Das ist die Heiratsurkunde von Li Zhi (ein Pseudonym) des Landkreises Laoshan . Und diese Rechnung ist nur ein Mikrokosmos der Heiratskosten in Lushan. Diese Dinge scheint man gesehen zu haben, aber dieses Phänomen ist besonders in Anhui …
Der Minderjährige hat gegen den Kampf gekämpft, das rote Drama wird nun vollständig von der Polizei kontrolliert.
Der 60-jährige Mann ist begierig darauf, zur “Ficker” Ex-Freundin zu gehen.
Der 60-jährige Mann ist begierig darauf, den Vergewaltiger zu gewinnen, der den Unfall beendet hat
Die Frau hat ihre Mutter zum Auto gebracht, es ist wirklich unverschämt zu sagen, dass sie im Auto wohnt.

Die Quelle des Haftungsausschlusses stellen die Werke von Chu Xiuwang dar, die urheberrechtlich geschützt sind.Jeder Mediennachdruck ist ohne schriftliche Genehmigung verboten, andernfalls gilt dies als Verletzung!
[Originaltitel] Wie viel kostet es jetzt zu heiraten? Die Bauern können es nicht wagen, zu viel zu betonen Quelle: – Redakteur: Wang Shizhen
 Wie viel kostet es promi kleider online kaufen, jetzt zu heiraten? Die ländlichen Burschen können es nicht wagen, zu viel zu betonen

Wie viel kostet es abendkleider kurz elegant, jetzt zu heiraten? Die ländlichen Burschen können es nicht wagen, zu viel zu betonen

88.000 Versammlungszeremonien, 160.000 Rituale, “voll von Schönheit”, ein Haus in der Stadt … Dies ist die Heiratsurkunde von Li Zhi (ein Pseudonym) von Laoshan County. Und diese Rechnung ist nur ein Mikrokosmos der Heiratskosten in Lushan. Diese Dinge scheint man gesehen zu haben, aber dieses Phänomen ist besonders in Anhui üblich. Li Zhi, 26, stammt aus Lushan, der letzten Monat geheiratet hat. Li Zhi sagte, dass die Hochzeit vor und nach seiner Hochzeit fast 600.000 Yuan kostete.


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